SONOMA SAMPLER Gift Boxes MaKe Any Occasion Sweeter!

About Us

Judy Groverman Walker is a Sonoma County native and has always been a champion of Sonoma County products. Sonoma Sampler gift boxes allow you to share some of her favorite non-perishable food and artisan craft items boxed for giving, for just about any occasion!

Judy Groverman Walker

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Judy Groverman Walker

“I have been fortunate enough to have grown up with the amazing Sonoma County landscape and local food and craft businesses that thrive here. As an event planner I find it more necessary than ever to help promote and support all of our great local producers. Saralee McClelland Kunde was my mentor and I know that she would be proud to see me continue her mission of supporting Sonoma County products!”

Judy Groverman Walker is a local business owner producing events of all sizes for non-profit organizations and businesses for more than 20 years. She works hard to encourage complementary businesses to work together with events, auctions and activities to help each achieve greater success. Her connections with the local food community and businesses are an asset for Sonoma Sampler, helping her to find new and exciting products to feature. Judy brings her creative thinking, innovative approach and quest for success to this new finding new, fun products to this new adventure!